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WarhammerFest Day Two: Warhammer 40k - The Non-Reveal Reveals

Updated: May 6

Sisters of Battle

First the negative, which is that, once again, there were no real surprises here. We were expecting Sisters and we got Sisters. The positive is that the Sisters we got are really stellar. (Given that they're not really surprising us with anything I think it's safe to assume we'll get Orks on Friday?)

We'll start off with Morvenn Vahl, Abbess Sanctorum of the Adepta Sororitas who is the supreme commander of Adepta Sororitas. Let's get this out of the way: I really like the Paragon Warsuits. I think it's stupid that they don't wear helmets while in the Paragon Warsuits because flamers, but I do like the concept of them. They're hybrid power armor and dreadnought, and fulyl embellished with all the outlandish ornamentation that we have come to expect from Sisters. And Morvenn Vahl just has that cranked up to 11. I love the rocket pods on her shoulders (though, again, a helmet would be nice so she doesn't get cooked by rocket fuel). I like the spear and I like the heavy bolter. And I especially like that she's the boss's boss, the equivalent of Abaddon to Chaos, and that she was hand picked by Guilliman.

Then Aestred Thurga and Agathae Dolan. We had seen Aestred revealed earlier, but she's no less impressive. That standard will give even the best painters pausee, but that said I can't wait to see what the master painters do with it. And I like the simplicity of the Agathae figure, who is a record keeper.

We've also seen Dogmata before, and I've got nothing to say about her one way or the other. Her pose is very static, but I don't think it's as bad as other people seem to think. I like the idea of a chaplain/librarian for the Sisters of Battle, and she fits the bill. But boring.

Another model we've already see is Palatine, who has been around for nearly a year. She's a nice sculpt but nothing special and I don't know why she's padding out this list.

Now on to something awesome (which also was kinda revealed a week ago, but I'll let it slide): the Celestian Sacresants. I love everything about these models, from their maces to their shields, to the candles on their power packs. They are absolutely solid miniatures, whether they have the mace or the halberd (and did the livestream also say there was a speared version?). They don't have helmets, but they do have hoods and they look terrific. I like that they can have bolters or plasma pistols, and I just love these guys so much all over.

And then we saw more Paragon Warsuits which, as I said, I quite like. Some people have compared them to the Grey Knights Baby Bjorn situation, but I don't see that at all. To me they almost have the vibe of Ripley in Alien wearing the exo-suit--but a really bad ass version of the exo suit.

Another model we've already seen but can do with seeing again is the Castigator, giving the Sisters of Battle their own dedicated battle tank. Everything about this model is perfect. In an army with tanks covered in rocket-launching organs and stained glass windows, you can't put too much ornamentation onto a Sisters vehicle.

And of course they get their own Codex, which is good because a) they really needed one, and b) this "reveal" was less of a reveal than just showing off a lot of old reveals. They were getting us pumped up for the rules, not for new models. (Though Morvenn Vahl is a really great new model.)

War Zone Charadon

I have no great opinions on War Zone Charadon, as I don't get too involved int eh lore.

That said, the terrain set Battlezone: Mechanicus Charadon looks really cool.

But why in this game do we have Charadon and Khardron? That seems like a mistake.

Anyway, good stuff all around. If you have thoughts about the reveals (or lack thereof) leave them in the comments.

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