• Robison Wells

Unique Nighthaunt Paint Scheme

The Nighthaunt are really a painter's dream. They can be any color at all--they are as varied as the Space Marines in color choices--and the models are relatively simple to paint. Whenever I need something to clear my mind, to cleanse the palette after a difficult paint job, I turn to the Nighthaunt. I think my favorite model I've ever painted was a commission I did of the Black Coach. Not only is the model amazing, but the chance to do a commission really allowed me the time to spend on it that I don't normally take with models.

While I've painted them in the typical colors many times in the past, making good use of Hexwraith Flame, Nighthaunt Gloom, and Nilakh Oxide, I wanted something different for them this go round. I decided on this lovely unique Nighthaunt paint scheme for Lady Olynder and her Glaivewraith Stalked retinue.

The color scheme was actually inspired not by any of the Pinterest boards I looked at but rather by a single model in the Games Workshop gallery, the Tomb Banshee. I loved the combination of the blue-white of her dress against the red-orange of her hair. I decided to base my entire Nighthaunt color scheme after it.

Now, this is website is not typically a painting guide, but I'm so happy with the overall look of Lady Olynder that I decided to show a step-by-step list of what paints I used and how. Because I had already done Lady Olynder at this point (and not made a guide) I did the same thing with the Glaivewraith Stalkers. Below is the process. No fancy techniques--I'm not that good--just regular basing, drybrushing, shading and highlighting.

I missed photographing one step right here: I highlighted up even further with a light drybrush of Blue Horror.

This paint doesn't have a label. It's a P3 (Privateer Press) metallic paint I quite like called Blighted Gold.

And there it is: a really simple, easy-to-apply Nighthaunt paint scheme that looks great with minimal skills and colors. I'm planning on doing an entire Nighthaunt army with this as a color palette (with variations for different units).

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