• Robison Wells

Unboxing Victory At Sea: Battle for the Pacific

I recently got Victory at Sea: Battle for the Pacific from Warlord Games, and I unboxed it with my daughter Blinky (Holly) on my YouTube channel.

I've been fascinated by the battle for the Pacific in World War Two since I was twelve and first watched Midway (the original, not the terrible remake) with my dad. It was my dad who inspired me to buy this game, in fact, because he is such a military buff. (In the video I say that my dad is really into the navy, and my daughter says "I thought he was really into airplanes" and the truth is that he's into all of it. And I don't mean casually: he can identify helicopters from their sounds; he can tell the model of a plane just by describing it to him on the phone; he gave me all of the US Army details I needed for writing my World War Three books, Blackout and Dead Zone.

Anyway, I have painted the first ship, the Northampton. I enjoyed the painting: incredibly simple, but on a totally different scale than what I usually paint.

No review yet on the gameplay, but this actually is a game that I truly intend to play (with my dad).

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