• Robison Wells

March of the Celestial Stampede (and Friends)

I am not a Seraphon player, but I am a Seraphon collector. Not only are the models really beautiful and incredibly fun to paint, but my 12 year old son thinks that dinosaurs are the coolest thing in the world and, by association, so is his dad.

I got extremely excited to see the new Kroak model announced and wanted to buy him immediately, but he wasn't available--but! The Celestial Stampede was up for pre-order.

I personally hate pre-ordering online from Games Workshop because it always costs more and takes longer to arrive than if I ordered from my FLGS. But in this case, my FLGS wasn't going to order in the Celestial Stampede because they said there wasn't enough demand for it. (Age of Sigmar is not a big deal in my neighborhood, except for a couple guys who play Chaos and Death.) So I ordered this, and forgot about it for five weeks until it arrived on my doorstep.

But it has been so much fun to paint. The first one I worked on was the Engine of the Gods. I let my 12 year old choose the paint schemes on all of them, and he said he wanted this one to be undead, picking black for the Stegadon and green (Hexwraith Flame, in this case, because I used it on the Dead of Dunharrow in Middle Earth.)

Overall, I think he came out pretty good. The black and grey aren't my favorite, but they really did turn out much better than I expected. One of the things I like best about the Seraphon is how you can do a Google search for colorful lizards and get so many zany ideas. And there are definitely black and grey lizards, so I took inspiration from that.

The actual Engine of the Gods on top is exactly the type of detail painting that I enjoy: lots of patterns to highlight and trace, and not very much need for blending (because I still struggle to blend well).

The next one I worked on is my least favorite of the bunch, but that's just because my son wanted purple and yellow, and I think it makes this Bastilodon look like a mascot for the Lakers. Still, even if I didn't like the color palette, I did like the pattern on the Bastilodon's back.

The jewel that sits on top of this dino was trickier to paint, because it did require some blending to try to get the glowing effect coming out of the center. Still, it turned out pretty well.

I did have to paint this whole thing in subassemblies, doing the Bastilodon apart from the platform, and the platform apart from the skinks. It made the positioning of the skinks hard (because they have to be holding onto the platform but their feet have to be touching the Bastilodon's back. I worked out in the end, but it did require touching a few things up--and using superglue instead of plastic glue.

The third in the Celestial Stampede is my personal favorite of the three, the Stegadon carrying the Skink Chief Iq-To. My son's only requirement was yellow, so I was free to pick the other colors and blue Skinks seemed to pair nicely.

(Do I know why the Skinks in this Celestial Stampede are all different colors depending on what creature they're riding? No. I'm assuming there's some kind of caste system in the Seraphon hierarchy.)

I have to give credit for my current fascination with Seraphon to Brent on Goobertown Hobbies, who showed how he was trying to learn wet blending by painting Seraphon shield after Seraphon shield. I also wanted to learn wet blending, so I bought the Start Collecting box so I could get those same shields. I think that I've gotten to the point where I can blend the shields pretty well, but I've struggled to transfer that skill across to other surfaces.

Anyway, with the Start Collecting Seraphon box, I got this Troglodon. I picked really like the subtle striping pattern on his scales, which is another pattern that I found when Googling lizard colors. Seriously, painting Seraphon is just a lot of fun. (I say that, but I didn't have nearly as much fun painting the Skinks or the warriors. I like painting the big monsters.)

Finally, I painted this Carnosaur several years ago, just as a one-off, and kept him on the shelf above my desk just to look at. It was fun to play with the scales and try different patterns. (I think I repainted him three times before I decided I liked this scheme the most.)

According to my son, this is the Fire Dinosaur, which is something I'm totally fine with. The world of Warhammer could use more Fire Dinosaurs.