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Figuring Out the Wargaming Hobby, One Mistake At A Time

The Wargame Explorer is a site where I, Robison Wells, a lifelong wargamer who still is a novice in a lot of ways, explores this hobby to see what's new, what works well, and what's exciting.

I have been in the miniatures hobby since I was six and got a copy of Boy's Life that introduced me to model railroading. A few years after that I bought and painted my first green army men. A year later I bought my first Games Workshop kit: a box of skeletons. In 8th grade I was introduced to Warhammer 40k, 2nd Edition, and fell in love. Starting with Squats, he has also collected Harlequins, Imperial Guard (before they were Astra Militarum), Space Marines (Grey Knights, Blood Angels, Deathwatch, and his homebrew Bloody Skulls), Chaos Marines, Tau, and... I think that might be all? 

I have dabbled in Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer Age of Sigmar, collecting Tomb Kings, Skaven, and Seraphon.

Then I had a shift during the pandemic: I realized that I wanted to see more of what existed in the wargaming world than what Games Workshop had to offer and I dove in, head first, to Bolt Action. Very quickly I had full forces of US Army (Infantry, Winter Infantry, Marines, Airborne, and Rangers), Germany (Waffen-SS and Afrika Korps), Japanese, and British (Commandos and Airborne).

There was no stopping after that. Then came every range of historicals from Waterloo to Imperial Romans to Samurai to American Revolution to Battle of Trafalgar to so many more.

Along the way I started a YouTube channel to chronicle my exploring. Then came this website.

Oh, and I'm also a New York Times Bestselling Author. You might know me from Variant, Blackout, Dark Energy, The Warning, or many other books.

I hope you join me in exploring this engrossing hobby. I won't promise that I'll ever know what I I'm doing, but I will promise that I'm putting my whole heart into it.

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